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Copy shop? You can save that money.

Students of German universities print completely free of charge up to once a month. Printed in color and bound. Up to 80 pages.

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How it works

Printing: Step by step

Upload pdfs

Upload documents

Upload your learning materials – there’s no limit. Just upload as many documents as you want.

Prepare your documents for print

Highlight, comment, underline, add text and get your documents for printing. That way you can get studying immediately.

Prepare for print
Organise learn material

Organise your material

Keep track of all your learning materials: Use filters to determine which documents are displayed.


Whichever printing option you decide on: You can print your annotations to all your documents – if you want to. That way you are perfectly prepared for studying.

Shipping 72 hours


Within 3 regular working days, your document will be sent to your home.

Free printing

Depending on how many companies come together as sponsors - as a student of a German university you can print for free up to once a month. No free printing available? No problem! You always have the option to share the printing costs with sponsors in the Freemium+ model. Always cheaper than a copy shop.

Free printing
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The most important questions about printing

Why is charly education free of charge?
We bring you in touch with companies – through your study documents. Companies that have job offers for business students can place ads for those job offers in the printed documents of students studying business. This means that the companies that place ads in your printed document have financed the printing costs.
Where is printing available?
Freemium and Freemium+ printing services are only available in Germany. Standard printing is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
When can I print for free again?
It depends on how many sponsors we have available for you: this is based on many factors. That is why you may have to wait more or less for a free print. To make sure you can continue to print as cheaply as possible, we offer you the Freemium+ option, which allows you to cover part of the costs yourself, while receiving a discount for every ad available. And even if you use the standard print without sponsors, your printing costs will still be lower than in the copy shop around the corner.
How many pages can I print?
Standard printing allows you to print up to 170 pages; Freemium options allow you to print between 25 and 80 pages.
How do I get my documents?
After you submit your print order, your documents are printed in color (or black and white), bound and within 3 regular working days sent to your home.
Can I print more than 80 pages in Freemium?
Yes – but they will be considered as two different orders. As soon as you print more than 80 pages (170 with standard printing), your document is automatically split into two orders.
What does „The print will be divided“ mean?
This happens when you print more than 80 pages (170 in standard printing). We then automatically split the document into two orders.
What happens to my PDF after printing?
Your order will arrive at our partner, a large printing company in Northern Germany. There the documents are professionally printed, bound and sent to your home.
Is it printed in black and white or in colour?
Your freemium and freemium + print is automatically printed in color. With the standard print option, you can decide for yourself whether you want to receive it in black and white or in color.
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