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How to study with charly


Organise your learning material

No more messy desks! You finally have a space for all your documents and flashcards. Access them easily from anywhere – on web or mobile.


Mark what’s important for the exam

Highlight, comment, draw and underline – just a few ways to take notes in your study documents. Be better prepared for exam season, and never miss important information from your lecture notes.


Create flashcards

Preparing for exams has never been easier or faster –  copy content from your documents or take a screenshot directly into your digital flashcards.

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Stay focused while studying online

Stay away from distractions with  focusmode , and enjoy learning with our flashcard games . Get ready for exams any way you want – and have fun while you're at it!


Print your documents

You’d rather have something to hold onto? Just  print your documents  – as you uploaded them or with your annotations, notes and highlights. Printing is only available in DACH, but you can always download your docs to print at home.

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Study on the go

Always out and about? Create and study flashcards easily with our  mobile app – wherever you are!



We show you your progress with learning analytics . You can be proud of yourself – we most definitely are!

How charly helps you study better

From us for you.

Your learning platform – tailored to your needs. We use feedback from students and learners like you to continuously improve our platform. We are on a mission to create a world in which everyone enjoys learning!

Study wherever

We know that students are always on the go and exam preparation time is precious – this is why with our mobile app you can create flashcards and study wherever you are!

Study the way you want

Do you prefer using flashcards, taking extensive notes or just reading through material? 
Whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered.

Study with a community

With charly education – you’re never alone! When you join, you become a part of a community of learners who support each other and make studying fun!

The charly-Community in numbers

+ 400 K
+ 900
2.6 M
1.8 M

Need to got to the Uni?
Download our mobile app and study on – wherever you are.

What experts think

We developed  charly with students, professors and leading educational experts.

‚‚charly education is a learning platform that I strongly recommend to my students: the different functions offer the right tool for every type of learner. In this way, students can optimally prepare for exams and learn more efficiently and with fun.‘‘

Prof. Dr. Dieter Dahlhoff Universität Kassel

‚‚Learning analytics is the future of learning – and a big part of charly education: The learning platform where students are motivated by their own progress.‘‘

Dr. Ingo Dahl Former principal, IUBH Internationale Hochschule

„The special thing about charly education is that it fits seamlessly into the life of students: No matter which field of study, which university or which learning preferences – charly education simply always fits!“

Prof. Dr. Michael Bahles Head of degree program, Internationale BWL, Business School Berlin

Join 400,000 students from more than 900 universities all over Europe – become part of the  charly community!

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