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The most important questions to Learn + earn

How do I submit my exam relevant question + answer?
To share your knowledge with our community, you can simply take a picture of your exam relevant question with the correct answer and send it to us.
Who decides on the correctness of my exam relevant question + answer?
Our qualified tutors check each submission thoroughly and distinguish between quality and relevance. Only correct answers will be paid out.
How much can I earn with Learn + earn?
You can earn up to 5€ with for example 10 correctly submitted exam relevant questions + answers.
When will I receive my money?
Our tutors are always working at full speed when it comes to checking the quality of the entries. Once they have decided on quality and relevance, you will receive your well-deserved reward!
What are the test questions + answers needed for?
charly is constantly developing: in 2021 we launched the Q&A Bib, which is now growing continuously – also with your help. Tutors, students and users jointly feed Germany's largest exam-relevant database.
When will I get a response?
Our clever tutors are working at full speed and will get back to you as soon as possible with their assessment and an offer that will give you information about the amount of money you will receive for it.
What exactly is meant by exam relevant questions + answers ?
By exam-relevant questions + answers, we mean exercises, tutorial exercises and, and, and ... Everything that can be relevant for exam preparation. Share what's up. The most important thing is that the correctness is guaranteed.

What experts think

We developed  charly with students, professors and leading educational experts.

‚‚Learning analytics is the future of learning – and a big part of charly education: The learning platform where students are motivated by their own progress.‘‘

Dr. Ingo Dahl Former principal, IUBH Internationale Hochschule

„The special thing about charly education is that it fits seamlessly into the life of students: No matter which field of study, which university or which learning preferences – charly education simply always fits!“

Prof. Dr. Michael Bahles Head of degree program, Internationale BWL, Business School Berlin

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